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PERMANent make up

Permanent make-up also known as micropigmentation , is a cosmetic procedure to create long lasting eyebrow definition, eyeliner and lips. Perfect for anybody that is tired of applying make up every morning and wants to look fabulous all the time.


Great brows can help to frame your face by adding expression, warmth and depth. Getting your eyebrows customised to your face features and using the correct shape and style can make a huge positive difference.




Unfortunately you will not be able to have micropigmentation procedure if you have/are any of the following:
- under dear the age of 18
- pregnant or nursing
- viral or bacterial infections
- glaucoma or taking blood thinning medicines (e.g. aspirin, warfarin)
- transmittable blood conditions like HIV or hepatitis
- haemophilia
- have psoriasis or eczema in treated area
- if you are on Accutane/ Roaccutane medication or steroids
- keloid scarring
-  hyperpigmentation
- allergy to pigments
- undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy
- pacemaker or major heart problems
- uncontrolled diabetes

Micropigmentation aftercare

Please read carefully

As permanent make up procedure is quite invasive you will experience some swelling , redness , irritation and possibly bruising. The reaction will subside within 24-48 hours.
It is extremely important to follow aftercare instructions to ensure that treated area heals properly and to avoid risk of infection, poor colour retention and scarring.
Please remember that approximately one hour after pigment has been placed in the skin it will oxidise and become darker than expected tone. It is normal so please do not try to remove excess pigment as it will normalise within 7 days.

* Please wipe gently any excess lymph with damp cotton bud (use sterile water or boiled cooled water)
* heal dry for 5-6 days
* when the skin starts to break (day 6-7) using cotton bud apply thin layer of cream provided once daily (preferably in the morning )

*For first 7 days after treatment please avoid:
- hot baths
- sauna and steam rooms
- swimming pools
- getting treated area wet
- excessive sweating (eg. Gym , excessive exercise, running )
- any products or creams other than provided after the treatment
- applying make up in the treated area
- facial treatments
- sunbathing and sun beds
- scrubbing or rubbing the treated area with flannels, sponges or towels (take great care when drying face )

DO NOT pick any scabs, allow it to fall off naturally to avoid scarring and poor colour retention.

For the next 30 days please avoid:
-sun beds
- sunbathing
- chemical peels
- aha, bah, pha (hydroxy acid ) products
- microdermabrasion
- skin needling procedures
- ipl/ laser treatments in the area

Touch up session is essential 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment to achieve desired results.

Always protect treated area and the skin with high sun protection factor (at least SPF 30)


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